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About Frameless Shower Doors

Add that WOW factor to your home you've always wanted! Bathroom designs have become more sophisticated just as the products which are available to homeowners have also become more sophisticated. One of the more recent and very pleasing to the eye shower door is the frameless shower door. "What's the big deal?" you might ask. The big deal is that it looks spectacular.

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Here are some things to know about frameless shower doors:

Thicker Glass: The frameless shower door tends to be much thicker- about a 3/8 of inch thick- than a regular shower door because it doesn't have the support of a metal frame.

Looks Sophisticated: The look of the frameless shower door is pure sophistication. It's appealing because it gives the bathroom a sense of openness and fluidity.

Easy Cleaning: Cleaning the frameless shower door couldn't be easier since you don't have to maneuver around any framing. However, if you want to protect the doors from water stains, using a rubber squeegee and a surface protector like Rain X will help keep your frameless door clean.

Installation: Installing a frameless shower door should be done by a professional because of the weight of the door and glass panels.


Ultimately, the choice on what type of shower door to purchase is the consumers. If you are fortunate enough to build your own home or remodel your bathroom, a frameless shower door and enclosure is a splendid option giving you a clean and airy new look to your bathroom. If you were ever wanting to sell your home, it definitely adds selling factor to your home.

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